Bands of Angels (or Devils) – Women Only!

Now that RONA has given us a bit of time out, I think it’s time to re-visit and celebrate some of the fantastic acts that I’ve had the pleasure to see and photograph over the last little while. This week it’s all about a few stand out local bands made up entirely of women that have rocked the stages.

Follow me and return to the dimly lit, incredibly loud and sweaty, squashy rooms that have delighted us all over the years with Glitoris, RACKETT, Bitch Diesel, Bruise Pristine, Teen Jesus and Jean Teasers, The Mis-Made, Fingermae, Fangin Felines, Body Type and Wurst Nurse.

Glitoris – Paddo RSL 16/11/2019; Marrickville Bowlo 18/5/2019

Straight out of our political heartland, Glitoris shake the cobwebs out of any unsuspecting policy with their no holds barred, in your face raucous punk rock and outrageous stage show.

RACKETT – Waywards 2/9/2018

Whether it’s a big or small stage, you’re always going to get a rock show to remember with RACKETT. Lots of rock with attitude, always giving the punters what they want!


Bitch Diesel – Marrickville Bowlo 10/8/2019

Bitch Diesel bring the witch with their raw, tribal, post punk sound. All while having a blast on stage.


Bruise Pristine – The Loft UTS 5/7/2019

With a thousand yard stare and slow dirgy rock coming at ya, you just can’t look away – you just get captivated by the dangerous and suspense ridden sounds that a Bruise Pristine gig gives you.

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – Lansdowne 15/11/2019

This troupe of Canberrans with a tongue twister name, push out the catchy alt pop with an edge as sinister as a razor blade – all while having a barrel of fun on stage.


The Mis-Made – The Loft UTS 5/7/2019; Fuzebox 20/10/2019

Hard rock – check – all delivered with blood sweat and tears. The Mis-Made give you the best of power guitar driven rock in a show that will give you more of a work out than the gym.


Fingermae – The Loft UTS 31/1/2020

You want quirky, you want jangly – you got it with Fingermae. A bit of jazz punk and a whole lot of fun.


Fangin Felines – Marrickville Bowlo 12/4/2019

Putting on a good ole rock n roll show, the Fangin Felines, get you looking for the hot rods and slicked back hair – grab a chair and hit the dance floor.


Body Type – Waywards 2/9/2018

Bring on the jangly guitars with Body Type, throwing some catchy, catchy, catchy, indie pop tunes at you.

Wurst Nurse – Factory Theatre 22/8/2019

With a buzz saw guitar ready to shed your innards, Wurst Nurse is just what you need to cure your raw, pop-punk cravings.


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