The Meanies – Paddo RSL

The Meanies have been around now for 30 years, so it’s definitely giggin’ time. I managed to catch the killer show at the Paddo RSL, supported by Tumbleweed and Glitoris where the crowd, complete with leave passes for the night, were ready to be transported back to a time when they were too out of it to remember.

Shot for AMNplify. Full photo gallery here.


The capital’s favourite outrageous political rock troup emerged from the Canberra bubble to kick off a night of raucous punk rock. All four were resplendent in their glitorical, Glitoris morph suits tonight.


From the start, the band hit us with a twin, heavy guitar assault from Kevin 007 and Andrew, backed by a snarling and rock steady power house of drum and bass from Scomo and Malcolm; and if that wasn’t enough, it was all topped off by the in your face vocals, driving an onslaught of Cock Rock, raw punk and social commentary.

The set commanded attention, full of badass stage presence, a little bit of tongue in cheek and a whole lot of attitude – all culminating in their anthemic Slut Power with defiant fists in the air.

Check out their latest release The Policy, here.


Amps were switched to stoner rock – Tumbleweed are in the house. These five guys have been playing their particular brand of heavy sludgy stoner rock since the early 90’s. And they are still kicking the heavy bottom ended tunes like a boss.


Song after song of thundering, headmelting, sound was lapped up by the now swelling crowd – and these lads from the Gong were definitely on point tonight. They smashed out the fuzz laden riffs, the ever present laconic vocals burbled along, giving each trip of a song direction.

And there were antics as well. Far from standing in the corner, guitars were animated, prowling their stage quadrants, but staying out of the way of lead vocals, Richie Lewis, who was demonic in his writhing across the stage; giving the impression of a man possessed by his lyrics – facial expressions screamed – I’m in the zone.


Re-live the Tumbleweed sound experience here.

The Meanies

Another ratcheting up of the insane rock scale saw the Meanies hit the stage. The four Melbournians looked a little greyer and rougher round the edges after 30 years – but let’s face it, they were never the clean cut, fresh faced type.


From the start of the set, there was no question that the years had not changed the sound a bit. There was still that urgent, raw, sawing guitar in the drivers seat, pushing along the train track gallop of drums and bass, just barely hanging in there.

Action hero status was reserved for Link on vocals; and while the jumps weren’t quite as high as they used to be, there was still plenty of prowling, growling and spitting to keep the punters happy – even launching into a bone crunching flip onto the stage, just to prove that he could.


Punters at the front of the stage got into the action as well, revved up through the set, launching into a few middle aged off the hook moshes during the crowd faves of 10% Weird and Gangrenous – but still one of the most polite mosh pits I’ve ever been in. There was even a little stage diving to spice up the night.


The show ended with the punters and band exhausted, but still wanting more! See if you can get your fill of the Meanies here.

Surely the Brown Note was prowling this gig – by the look of the stamp on my wrist it had been there all along!

2019-11-16 23.35.40 (2)


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