King Street Crawl 2018 – Newtown

The King Street Crawl is back for its third year in Newtown, offering punters a cornucopia of live music. All tastes were catered for; from folk to funk to smooth blues and crinkly electronica, hip hop, pop, rock, punk and everything in between.

Marauding music lovers wound their way through the streets, popping in and out of the 30 venues that put on a show until the crowd swelled; then it was all about waiting in line to get settled for the night into packed, favourite venues.

What better day to renew my search for that Brown Note. Here’s a little selection of what I found on offer.

Rackett – Waywards

Bringing the power rock, Rackett pulled out all stops for a killer show. Channelling Suzi Quatro and Joan Jet, this foursome owned the room and pumped out solid rock with a sassy don’t give a shit, sex, drugs and rock and roll attitude.


Just Because You Can’t See Us – Sly fox

These guys live up to their name, shrouded in the darkness in amongst the dim red lit fog of the stage at the back of the Sly Fox. Announcing that this is their first gig, this 3 piece with drums, ton of effects guitar and synth, filled the small space with their atmospheric psych drone sounds and epic length songs.


Garry David – Mosh Pit

Garry David assaulted the long narrow space of the Mosh Pit with their irreverent discordant songs of down to earth everyday life; keeping it real in the south end of King Street.


Twin Haus – Waywards

Twin Haus are a foursome from Brisbane, these guys nailed their long and winding ethereal tunes with a solid jazz drum beat playing through like it was skipping through the hills. Their buckets of effects pedals got a work out with guitar and synth working together, punctuated by almost breathless vocals.twinhaus2Lovers of long songs, these guys managed to combine what sounded like a journey through trance hypnotic sequences all the way through to wailing guitars in a psychedelic journey through the pedal-board.

Body Type – Waywards

A straight up guitar band line-up, these 4 women rocked out some great lo-fi, jangly, indie pop tunes with plenty of gusto to a packed bar.

bodytype4Did the Brown Note appear?

I missed it, but there was definitely some Brown potential in the final run up of bands playing at the Sly Fox. The likes of Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents, Rosa Maria, Straight Arrows and the Pinheads were guaranteed to get the Brown Notes flowing.


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