The Damned – Factory Theatre

After more years than I have fingers and toes, The Damned grace our shores again to unleash their punk infused rock on Sydney. Tonight they lay waste to a packed out show at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, with Melbourne nurse punk band Wurst Nurse opening the show.

Wurst Nurse

A no nonsense 5 piece from Melbourne, Wurst Nurse crank out down and dirty oz pub punk rock. Guitars, bass and drums and lots of attitude, there is no pretence, no apologies, just raw punk rock.


Made up of health professionals, not only are they keeping an eye on The Damned’s blood pressure, but they are slaying the crowd with their medical based tunes. Who would have thought that so much punk and distortion was hiding in the hospital ward.

Vocal about the ridiculous imbalance of social conditions and recognition of worth in our medical system, Wurst Nurse provide a mouthpiece for an underclass that keeps us alive.


Check out their raucous rock here.

The Damned

Then ….. The Damned…..Yes, they have been around for a loooong time, but……
From the first strains of Love song and all the way through a cacophony of punk classics to New Rose and Neat Neat Neat, it was as if time stood still.


Resplendent in their finest, David Vanian in his best mourning suit, Captain Sensible in his best red beret, Monty Oxy Moron was …just out there … resplendent hair and psychotic dance moves; all backed up by Paul Grey and Pinch on the engine room of bass and drums.


The crowd was a melting pot of generations – old, young, and British – they were all there. And there was energy, lots of energy. Crowd surfing across the generations – even an ambitious stage dive that didn’t quite clear the barriers (ouch!).


It all came to a head at the encore when they launched into Nasty, a cracking version of White Rabbit to freak us all out, followed by the classic Jet Boy Jet Girl. So much spilt beer and fluids!


Where was that Brown Note – ask Wurst Nurse!

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