Blunt Presents – Marrickville Bowlo

Here comes a night of raucous punk rock at the Marrickville Bowlo. Blunt Presents a Sydney versus Wollongong rock bout with Wollongong’s Space Boys and The Fangin’ Felines matching up against Sydney’s Australis Über Alles, Beijing Bikini and Out With Out.

Beijing Bikini

Local Sydney shouty songsters Beijing Bikini opened up the night and yelled out a few tunes in their low key but full throttle discordant guitar rock. A straight up four piece, drums, bass, guitar and vocals.


I caught the tail end of their set, where singer Bob Blunt was in full flight strutting and pacing across the stage belting out story songs with the rest of the band in complete personal space concentration mode. But the songs had a quiet rumbling that comes from a bit of raw punk mixed with a bit of sedition to weave into tales of the ordinary.

See what their fuss is all about from their recent release here.

Out With Out

Out with Out or OWO is a fresh 3 piece from Sydney rising from the ashes of a burnt out Adult Bookshop. The traditional lineup of drum, bass and guitar thunders through the set, with shared vocal duties.

OWO are a little bit grunge; a little bit smashing dinosaurs; a little bit sonic; and a whole lot of noisy groove.

Tonight they were launching their new release Domesticated (have a listen here).

The Fangin’ Felines

The Wollongong invasion started with a mixed bag of Sydney and Wollongong folk in the form of the Fangin’ Felines. Four Felines hit the stage with an intent to rock socks off. With a lineup of drum, bass, guitar and guitar/vocal there was more than a little grrl power for a good ole rock n’ roll show.

Drums full of staccato snare were teamed up perfectly with a snarly bass to ground the sound, leaving plenty of room for some fangin’ guitar complete with generously wild wah and belting vocals for a little pedal to the metal rock and roll from the garage.

Australis Über Alles

Who needs the Dead Kennedys when Australis Uber Alles are in town. The band have one objective tonight – to tear up the room and send keno tickets flying through the crowd like confetti – all to the familiar strains of, the Dead Kennedys, of course.

With most of the time spent on the floor in front of the stage slowly getting covered in beer and any other fluids being tossed about, vocalist Nicky Steps, writhes in, around, and on the crowd through each energy fuelled short song. Jello Biafra eat your heart out to this tribute.


Clothes were flying off and scattered around the floor, punters were slammed around, microphones swung around the crowd like a weapon; all whipping the impromptu mosh into a frenzy. There was even the appearance of a leather clad mohawk to round off the experience.


It was a non-stop onslaught of Dead Kennedy songs pumped out with no respite, played like a morning ritual; and a sound engineers nightmare as mics flew around the room, bounced off the floor and left scattered like discarded toys across the stage.


What about that Brown Note – while the punk was strong in the room, all that was spilled was beer – lots of beer.

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