Sly Withers – Lansdowne Hotel

Sly Withers have been touring their new EP “Gravis” across the country. I managed to catch them at the Lansdowne Hotel in Sydney to check out their pop punk chops. Tonight they were supported by Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers and Waxflower.

Photos shot for AMNplify – see the night’s full gallery here.

After a frustrating delayed bus trip, I walked into the venue just as Waxflower was packing up after what I’m sure was a cracking set (thanks Sydney traffic!). But, I did manage to have a listen to the in between sets playlist which sounded like it was straight out of a 1970’s teenagers bedroom – which the crowd were really getting into. Nothing there beyond 1972 – was this a sign?

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

Apart from having one of the coolest tongue twisting band names around at the moment, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are an up and coming band who are building a solid following. The four youngsters (and they are very young) from Canberra have been playing around for a few of years now & after taking last year off to finish their schooling they have been busy recording & building their back catalogues, collecting amazing support spots to acts around the country.

There was a little nervous banter at the start of the set which very quickly moved into a very confidently delivered set of alt pop – and they looked like they were having fun. The line-up was traditional, with drums, bass and guitar; and shared vocals across the three out front. A fast paced rhythm section set the catchy attitude for the set, but still allowed lead and rhythm guitar to work with the strong vocals to lead us on some little deviations off the path before pulling us back into line.


But under all the catchy alt pop, it felt like there was a bit of darkness brewing, a little sinister edgy note here and there. Maybe a change of direction for them, or just a bit of exploring. See for yourself here.

Sly Withers

By the time Perth four piece Sly Withers got to the stage, the venue was full of punters raring for a bit of action. A little jostling for position, a couple of spilled drinks, but all done with a smile and a nod – nice.


And then they were off. Track after track of bouncy, fuzzy pop-punk, all delivered with a distinctive oz flavoured vocals from the two guitarists up front. There was a distinctive underlying feel to the music, reminiscent of Jimmie Eat World or Blink 182. But there was plenty of local variation and storytelling to make their own mark.

The frenzied, crunchy guitar filled tracks had the crowd bouncing around the front of the stage for the set, only stopping for breath for a quick drink sip and then back to it. The night was topped off with a little vocal help from Anna and Scarlett from Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers joining the guys on stage for a couple of tracks.

Check them out here.

Was there an emergent Brown Note – not with all this moving and shaking going on.

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