The Mis-Made – The Loft UTS

2SER presents The Band Next Door at the Loft UTS bar. Tonight’s offerings were a trio of dark and stormy Sydney local rock with The Mis-Made, supported by Bruise Pristine and Spruced Moose.

Spruced Moose

Newish to the Sydney music scene, this 5 piece started making some noise in 2018. A lineup of bass, drums, guitar and keyboards, gives front man plenty of room to do a bit of wandering around on and in front of the stage. Unencumbered and wielding a mike he was able to do a bit of animated dancing and jumping around to encourage the growing crowd for the early start to the night.

The band slung out short and fast catchy numbers, with lots of crunchy guitar and what seemed like a little bit of tongue in cheek playfulness. There were plenty of originals interspersed with a few covers from the Doors to the Whitlams to round out the set.

These boys have been busy making stop motion videos of their latest video “Ones Who Fly” that you can check out here.

Bruise Pristine

Time for a shift change as Bruise Pristine rolled onto the stage. They are a local Sydney 3 piece with bass drums and guitar; and piles of ethereal effects.

A little bit of a slow, shakey start on the night, but quickly moving into dark rock mode. The set was a solid block of dark broody tunes full of reverb and measured, thunderous guitar, punctuating stories of emerging and then disappearing youth.

Its good to hear a band pushing out some slow dirgy rock. Their sound seems to be a little on the dangerous, suspenseful side; and they back it up with some pretty deadpan delivery stares, almost edging on a little bit of Fuck You! rock.

Check out their dark, moody, grungy sounds here.

The Mis-Made

The Mis-Made, created and led by Jess Finlayson, have been around making some hard rock for a while now; with a fair bit of rock pedigree scattered through the band. From the latest offerings, it looks like there is nothing stopping them from putting out cracking new releases. A new line up for this year sees them touring new releases. 


As a four piece they pack a punch. Drum, bass and two guitars that are permanently set on full throttle. A cracking show, full of 90’s power, guitar driven rock.

Loft_MisMade-4Something tells me that they may be having a little break from touring, with a heavily pregnant bass player not missing a beat and showing some chops through the whole set – not even a break for a piss stop.Loft_MisMade-5Check out their new release Dead Man here.

Where was that Brown Note – maybe mixing it up with some amniotic fluid?



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