The monthly BLANK GENERATION party lit up again at Metro Social. Headlining tonight’s effort was Melbourne’s CIVIC, joined by Sydney bands Arse, Satanic Togas, Maple Moths and a bunch of local DJs.

Maple Moths

Starting the chaos, Maple Moths hit the heavy, heavy, chunky riffs. Determined to blow off our heads slowly, the set was full of grinding, dirgy tunes with plenty of Sabbath influence.

Sample here.

Satanic Togas

Masked up and ready to shock, Satanic Togas are a 3 piece with Satan on guitar and vocals, backed up by masked demons on bass and drum. Quirky, fast, noisy, low-fi garage punk at its best; they even threw in a cover of the Ramones ‘ Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement – with a Satanic treatment of course.

Join the cult here.


Another 3 piece for their turn on the stage is Arse. No nonsense straight up and down punk. It was brash, loud and ready to kick you in the guts – or arse.

Get a kicking here.


Time for CIVIC to fill the stage with all 5 of their members. Coming off the back of their latest tour, the band were ready to heat up the room with a bunch of fast guitars. Playing punchy, back to the roots of Oz punk, they ripped up the room – think Birdman and Celebate Rifles – but younger.

RIP into them here.

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