Shannon & the Clams – Mary’s Underground

Oakland’s Shannon & the Clams return to Aus to sling out their smooth 60’s sharp edge rock n roll, supported by jamming JEFF the Brotherhood. It all went down at Mary’s Underground to a jam packed crowd.

See the full photo gallery, shot for AMNplify, here.

JEFF the Brotherhood

Originating in Nashville, JEFF the Brotherhood rocked up on the stage first to crank out some heavy duty rock. Made up of drums and heavy guitar, this 2 piece fills the room with its psyched out tunes that wander along like a calculated jam session.

There was a thick layered guitar, with overtones of 70s stoner rock and screaming riffs, solidly backed up by clinical drums that kept the pace up through the long journeys of each song. Beats were almost hypnotic, with lots of cyclic rhythms, building up into a frenzy of sonic mayhem.

The end of the set ramped up the chaos with drummer Jamin having a bit of a wander into the crowd mid song, still keeping the beat going before settling back to his stool and slamming out some even more frenzied tantric beats.

Check them out here.

Shannon & the Clams

Shannon and the Clams jumped on the tight stage, all resplendent in their 50s finery. With drums and keys keeping the rhythm and melodies sharp; Shannon Shaw on bass and Cody Blanchard on guitar shared the vocal duties for the tricked out soul-pop 60s infused tunes.

Everything about the set screamed smooth as silk, cool, cruisy, vibe. With jangly guitar and keyboards that warbled through songs, Shannon’s vocals a mix of sweet Shangri Las doo wop and a Wanda Jackson edginess; giving a little bit of a garage hint to the set. Cody and his flamboyant outfit contrasted Shannon, adding a spoonful of soul to the set with high, high, high, falsetto vocals and funky, bouncy songs.

The set was everything a rock n roll act should be, getting the crowd dancing and yelling for more. Just enough saccharine, lots of dark undertones, plenty of hip shakin’ grooves; and journeys into pop, soul & bluesy psychedelia with cutting keyboards; and always those vocals from both Shannon and Cody, mesmerising in the story telling.

Have a little dance with their latest album, Year of the Spider, here.

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