Tropical Fuck Storm – Metro Theatre

Tropical Fuck Storm are back in the country and raring to pump out some free range gigs to a home audience. I caught them at the Metro Theatre tonight with equally chaotic Party Dozen and quirky Delivery.


First up tonight were Delivery. This quirky 4 piece from Melbourne has a guitar sound reminiscent of early Devo – which is good. The songs through the set were poppy and bouncy, but there was a drive, almost an urgency, that clipped them along with a bit of a dark snarl and a ticking drum beat that click clacked along.

It was hard to tell if they were having fun up there – not much given away in facial expressions, even as they all took turn at vocals. But they got on with the job and delivered a cracking 30 minutes, inducing head bobbing, foot tapping and grinning – from the crowd at least.

See what you think here.

Party Dozen

Party Dozen have been hitting their straps and releasing more and more controlled chaotic masterpieces. They have just released their latest efforts – The Real Work – and the obsession with WORK has paid off. The crowd was in early tonight to sample the chaos – and they weren’t disappointed.

From the start of the set, the non-stop heavy industrial pounding of Jonathan Boulet on drums and a multitude of electronica set the scene for the almost manic pacing and racing across the stage of Kirsty Tickle, blowing the bejesus out of her sax.

Pauses between songs were brief, the absence of sound hitting like a hammer, until the next sonic onslaught comes crashing out into the room with relentless, cyclic, groove.

There seemed to be some more structure to songs in the set with their new work, but they still maintained that freeform jamming feel, taking us along for a sonic ride – but with more of an intense purpose.

Check out The Real Work, here.

Tropical Fuck Storm

The barriers were packed and waiting by the time Tropical Fuck Storm wandered on to the stage. Starting the set with Chameleon Paint to ease us into the night, things quickly got out of hand while the band wound into chaos mode, closely followed by the crowd.

The heavy electronica dub, clashed beautifully with the screamingly warped guitars of Gareth Liddiard and Erica Dunn. But it was all wrapped up nicely by Fiona Kitschin on sultry bass and the power pack of Lauren Hammel on drums as they tore through the set.

The on stage antics got a little wilder as the set progressed, Gareth in contorted stance and attacking the microphone and guitar simultaneously; Erica pacing, stabbing at keys and electronica and wielding her guitar like a shield; Lauren taking a personal vendetta out on the drum kit; all while Fiona held her quarter of the stage.

There was a bit of old and new through the set – You Let My Tyres Down, was wonderfully rolling, frenetic and powerful; and soon followed by The Future of History and Two Afternoons – that slowly proceeded to blow the roof off the venue.

Catch the fervour of a live show while you can, before they disappear overseas again. And in the meantime have a listen to their latest, here.

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