Bugs – Crowbar, Sydney

Bugs are setting out from their Brisbane home to trek around Australia to promote their latest album Cooties. I joined them for a bit of bouncy fun at Crowbar, Sydney with Loser and VOIID.

See the full photo gallery, shot for AMNplify, here.


First up tonight were VOIID to bring plenty of attitude to warm up the room. A four piece with drums, bass, guitar and vocals that let loose a spectacular set on the vocal crowd.

There were plenty antics on stage and lots of talky back and forth between songs with a very appreciative crowd. The band had a controlled rawness that burrowed straight into the brain – in a good way. The sound was full of powerful grungy guitar and bass that could have come straight out of the 90s, but totally fresh, and full of menacing undertones.

The set was short, with a little halt to proceedings while they made sure the venue was kept a safe space for everyone, followed by launching into a couple of crowd favourites for the night (Sour and Bug) with a powerful finish that did get the crowd a little manic.

Check out the raw power of VOIID here.


Next up were Loser, with a bit of a change of pace. A Melbourne band, they were playing as a 3 piece tonight with bass, drums and guitar.

There was plenty of variety through the set, from some funky, bouncy groove; a bit of poppy punk with guitar attitude; and a healthy dose of dirty grunge to round themselves out.

In the crowd there was plenty of bouncing through the set, and just when they were well and truly warmed up, there was even a quick shout out and an all-in happy birthday sing-a-long embarrassment for one of the punters in the crowd.

Have a listen to their bouncy energy here and just try not to wiggle something.


Finally it was Bugs’ turn to strut the stage. Walking on to the Spice Girls’ Wannabe, they set the scene for a bit of frivolity. The Brisbane three piece were bristling to get on their drums and strap on guitar and bass.

With a surprisingly full sound for a three piece, they quickly launched into a few choice cuts from their new album Cooties, starting with the deliberately anthemic Coming to Get Me which immediately got a bounce going in the crowd, which just kept going.

Each tune was up-beat, plenty bouncy and very danceable; even peppy! (yes, I said peppy). The indie pop tunes came thick and fast, with plenty of little breaks for quick chats to the crowd. All through the set the band had beaming smiles permanently fixed to faces for the absolute joy of being back in front of a live crowd; and then at some point, the whole gig turned into a bit of a sing-a-long, with the crowd getting very vocal and sharing the on stage fun – much to the joy of the band.

See what the fuss is about by sampling Cooties here, and then look out for when they trundle into your town.

And what about that Brown Note? Nah….too much bouncing and peppy rainbows tonight.

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