feedtime – Marrickville Bowlo

After a bucketload of attempts through the plague years to celebrate renowned punk label Aberrant records, feedtime finally get to crank out the best heavy basslines in the business with 2 sets, sandwiching long time Sydney punks Examplehead at the Marrickville Bowlo.


Formed in the mid 80’s, Examplehead have been quiet for a bunch of years. Now re-surfacing and playing as a three piece (because – history), the band is now drums, bass and guitar with some shared vocal duties.

Their set was a power packed bunch of pop punk classics, mixing up their own hits with a few punk covers from the likes of Wire and Queen Anne’s Revenge. There was plenty of power thumping from drums with dirty, grungy bass lines and a thrashy and piercing post punk guitar sound.

See what they are all about here.


Back to the Bowlo for a 2 set extravaganza tonight, feedtime opened up a big can of heavy, noisy, bluesy rock and splashed it all through the venue.

Opening up with Ha Ha, the first set was the warm up to grease the ears to the thumping bass and drums and menacing slide guitar; giving the crowd a healthy dose of raw feedtime power.

The second set just hit continue to those thundering bass lines and drums; thumping along like a chevy big block engine, complete with visceral growling vocals. By the end of the night, the crowd and the floor was bouncing in time to the rhythmic pounding beat.

No encores of course, but we were left with that satisfied ear buzz to take us home. Take in a sample here.

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