Polish Club – The Roundhouse, UNSW

Polish Club are strapping on their suitcases and heading off on their much delayed Now We’re Tourin’ tour around Australia. I caught them on their way up the soggy NSW coast at The Roundhouse in the University of NSW with Melbourne hell raisers Press Club and Sydney’s fresh faced Sweetie.

See the full photo gallery, shot for AMNplify, here.


Sweetie was an early start with a short set. They are four women, who picked up some drums, bass and guitars during the lockdown and together, they crafted some finely honed tunes.

There was a bit of a hiccup through the set with the need for a guitar change, but after a little rummaging around and some reorganising and tuning, they were back up and running. Their sound bounced from songs giving us a fresh taste of sweet, dreamy, harmonised pop to some sharp, almost alt country tunes with a bit of a punky boot kick.

Check out their sound for yourself with their latest teaser, Negative Image, from their new EP due out in May.

Press Club

Time for Press Club to hit the stage – and man did they hit like a slap! From the first chord there was an explosion of punk energy from the stage. Drums, bass and guitar plus power pack frontwoman Natalie on vocals.

Did I mention the energy?…..lots of energy. A drum and bass engine room of driving sound, guitar that was both thrashy and melodic at the same time, and manic power vocals, running around the stage with plenty of hair whipping going on. There were even a few excursions across the barriers into the crowd to share the love and get up close and personal with the punters.

Check out a sample for yourself here and see what the fuss is all about.

Polish Club

After a little bit of frivolity from the techs checking sounds, it was time for Polish Club to mount the stage with a sexy swagger. Playing with a full band this tour, the twosome of David Novak (Guitar/Vocals) and John-Henry Pajak (Drums) becomes a foursome with the addition of guitar (Dan) and bass (Wade).

Tonight was all about bringing together all the sounds to deliver a set full of sweet soul tunes, mixed up with a bit of dirty funk and plenty of raw rock – complete with jagger swagger. There was even a cover of Foo Fighters Evermore, which then became a running joke for the rest of the night. More show and tell for the crowd gave us a very snarly new tune about a vacation in Hawaii and abandonment issues – a bit of politics? – you join the dots.

There was a guest appearance by Kirsty Tickle from Party Dozen on sax for Come Party as a special treat – and on the floor there was much dancing and people getting sweaty, on and off stage.

There was a bit of a breather at the end of the set and then an encore (yay! they seem to be making a comeback!) starting off with Wiggles cover of Apples and Bananas, complete with fruit being tossed into the audience along with a suitcase full of moist towelettes – for the overly sweaty or even just a little damp. From there, the rest of the gig was complete chaos, finishing up in a frenzy of drum kit destruction and lots of guitar throwing, but not quite smashing – I suppose they will need them for the rest of the tour.

Refresh yourself with some excellent Polish Club samples here and look out for the tour bus.

So did the Brown Note make it into uni? There were definitely plenty of wet patches over the floor, but thank goodness for the moist towelettes.

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