The Johnnys – Marrickville Bowlo

Back on the road up to Sydney after plenty of u-turns, The Johnnys finally locked in their long awaited night of cowpunk madness and hats at the Marrickville Bowlo. Sharing the YEEHA raising and foot stomping tonight was the ever psychobluesabillyabilly of White Knuckle Fever and boots and roots rock of Broham.


Broham started the night right and brought us in out of the rain to shower us with their very special brand of country roots rock. This four piece of drums, bass and twin telecasters gave us a rollicking good ole country time with plenty of indie attitude.

Led by Simon Chainsaw, who tonight trades his leather jacket for an embroidered shirt and a big hat, the band boot scoots down a dusty road but adds a little bit of crunchy power guitar to start up the floor stomping in Marrickville tonight.

Check out their latest offerings here.

White Knuckle Fever

To really ramp up the night, it’s time for White Knuckle Fever to intrude into every part of our being and lead us to the edge of a rollercoaster – then push us off.

The 2 piece of Ms Celia, doing all the jumpin’ and singin’ and blues harpin’; and Ross Johnston on guitar and electrikky band in a box bits; launch into the set with a raunchy version of Lets Get Fucked Up by the Cramps – definitely a sign of things to come.

Ross stands his ground while Ms Celia runs rampant across the stage, into the crowd and even hanging off the speaker stack. She even gets a chariot ride on the backs of a few brave volunteers that parade her around the dance floor.

The set is mayhem, the songs infectious, and it’s just what we need now we can dance and run around a venue. If you want a label on the brand of music – let’s call it psychobilly – but with all the focus on the psycho bit.

Just plain old spectacle and fun.

Get their latest, All I Wanted was a Kebab, here; but really, get to a live gig for the full in your face experience.

The Johnnys

Time for the Johnnys. Now a 3 piece (thanks for the good times Spence), everyone gets a go at vocals and big hats all round – as it should be at a Johnnys gig.

Starting off with Way of the West, the set was packed with old faves through the back catalogue and even a couple of newbies that slotted in just fine.

The band was in cracking form tonight, freshly out of the studio – and you could tell – they were definitely match fit. The only thing missing tonight was the customary VB fridge on stage – a little inconvenient for Hoodie, who had to rely on punters to provide a steady flow of refreshment to the stage.

Bleeding Heart and Slip Slap Fishin’ were a bit of a crowd (and personal) favourite and ramped up the pace to the end of the set. There was even time for an encore – unheard of in these times!

Make sure you catch them when they hit your town & have a listen here for a reminder of the rollicking cowpoke fun.

Has that Brown Note resurfaced – maybe check the bowling green

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