Cosmic Psychos – Crowbar, Sydney

Cosmic Psychos have finally made it back to Sydney to show off their single SIN BIN from recent album Mountain of Piss. Tonight they are giving us two (count em!) back to back sold out shows at Crowbar with old mates The Externals in tow.

See full photo gallery shot for AMNplify here.

The Externals

These five hard rockin lads were originally from Perth, but are now based in the eastern states – luckily, on our side of the great west wall. Forming in the early 90’s, they are made up of twin guitars, bass, drums and vocals.

A short set tonight (time is tight), but that doesn’t stop the band from dishing out some high energy thrashy rock that slowly draws the crowd into the room.

Very early in the set it’s pretty obvious that the band have one common goal in mind – and that is to blow those COVID cobwebs out of existence. And that is exactly what they did.

By the time they wind up, the crowd was swelling towards the front of the stage & the band were in full flight – grins all round.

Check out a sample of what they’ve got to offer here.

Cosmic Psychos

There was a bit of shuffling, a bit of sound checking, but mostly waiting while the crowd grew in front of the stage…..and then…..

All systems go & fuzz pedals to overdrive as the Psychos start their sonic assault with Pub, followed by Nice Day to go to the Pub.

There’s a theme here.

Tune after tune – relentless in the driving buzzsaw of overdriven instruments with only a brief respite to lay down the law for “No Dancing – No singing”. But by the time they got to Fuckwit City, a Sydney crowd fave, there was definitely plenty of singing and dancing.

There was even time for a pretend walk off stage and back again for an encore at the end of the set, Macka going shirtless and wielding his axe for a monumental version of David Lee Roth.

Of course the show ended with a usual bow and dropping of the trousers for a Brown Note salute.

Experience their new single Sin Bin here.

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