Raising Ravens – MoshPit

With best laid plans and plenty of flexibility for the on again off again gig situation at the moment, Raising Ravens are releasing their debut EP, In My Room, & managed to squeeze in a timeslot at the MoshPit, and make it stick! The flexibility part is that not all the band members were cleared of the current pestilence for the night. So after a bit of last minute superhuman jiggery pokery – we get a Raising Ravens gig – with a re-jigged line-up and supports Smitty & B.Goode gets to headline – clear as.

Raising Ravens

Jess Finlayson gets to start off the night solo with her COVID flexible line up for Raising Ravens. Normally playing as a hard rockin three piece, there is definitely a softer start to the night with Jess and an acoustic guitar to lull us into the evening. There was even a guest appearance from a past band mate.

But……..that didn’t last long.

After a few songs , out comes an electric guitar & in Jess’ own words – it’s going to get fuckin loud. And it did. A couple of songs with Jess, a guitar and an amp and the rock was leaning into full tilt.

With the addition of drums to add to the mayhem, things quickly got hectic and some heavy guitar hard rock pedigree was pounding through the venue. The tracks from the recent EP got a tremendous thrashing, along with our ears.

Check out their EP In My Room, here; but look out for the next show that promises an even bigger sound to get socks blown right off.

Smitty & B.Goode

Surprise headline tonight Smitty & B.Goode were amped and ready to go, with drummer doing a double shift tonight after half a set with Raising Ravens. A rock n roll three piece made up of guitar/vocals, bass and drum, they quickly started pumping out their own brand of quirky, foot-stompable tunes.

We like short songs – lots of them. And these guys had fistfuls of em to launch at the crowd. The set had more than a shallow nod to 50’s inspired rock n roll, with a bucketload of fuzz & dirt thrown in for good measure.

There was plenty of variety in the set, from power pop inspired tunes, some trash 50’s punk, a little metal undertone, and classic indie. All rammed out by driving bass and guitar that just wants you to look up and listen! All the songs had one thing in common – sheer unadulterated energetic fun in their delivery – totally infectious (the good kind). If you weren’t moving some part of your body to this set, then you were officially dead.

Sample the catchy, quirky mayhem here and look out for a live delivery!

The Brown Note was definitely lurking from the sheer volume of tonight’s gig. Lurking and looking for a RAT.

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