Witchskull – Crowbar, Sydney

After a couple of attempts at getting the show happening through the last year, Witchskull finally kicked off their March of Winter tour….in summer. Tonight, they crammed together all the loudest doom rock and metal trios that Crowbar, Sydney could hold, with POTION and Robot God.

Robot God

The night was kicked off by Robot God, a local Sydney three piece. With some serious looks on faces, and a drum, bass and guitar mix that belted out 8 minute long epic songs; they gave us slow, heavy bass driven, sludge rock and mind bending psych, all peppered with screaming guitar solos throughout.

Vocals were at a minimum tonight, with each tune giving us a heavy, prog rock journey into the possibly twisted minds of the band. There was liberal use of fuzz and a wah pedal on bass accompanying the thumping rhythm section, with the drummer systematically beating the bejeesus out of the kit.

Go on a mind-bending journey and check out their debut album Silver Buddha Dreaming, here.


A bit of gear swapping, a little readjusting of foldback wedges; and it was time for POTION to blast the room with their thunderous offerings. Another trio of drum, bass and guitar line-up; but this time with a lot more vocals from the guitarist.

The set was H E A V Y. The heaviest of heavy doom metal that you can fit between your ears. The sound was like being in a tumultuous thunderstorm in a tin shed, but with all the bass in the world turned up to 11 and the world set to slow motion. This, all topped off by a manic guitar riff and murderous screams.

Set your guts quivering by checking out their new release Oath to Flame here; but rock along to a doom filled live show to really experience your brain turning to jelly.


A little more shuffling on stage gave a slight refrain from tinnitus, until Witchskull was ready to step up to the plate. Another trio of drum, bass and guitar, this time from Canberra.

From the first guitar strums, this gig was going to be loud. Forget about setting amps to 11; tonight was going to be louder than god. With a definite nod to 70s heavy rock, the set was full of chunky, crunchy guitar; drums that crashed like a soundtrack to Thor beating the shit out of the clouds; and a bass undercurrent that thumped out subterranean sounds, vibrating up into your bones through the floor.

The set drifted in and out of heavy psych, classic stoner rock and plenty of 70s influenced metal; all wrapped in a punchy delivery with only a few short gaps between songs to give the crowd some quiet, humble thanks. The set wound up with a cover of AC/DC‘s Sin City, topped off with screaming vocals.

Sample some of their thunderous sound here to whet your appetite; and check out their site for more.

And for the Brown Note – loud, vibrating floors, heavy doom, quivering guts…..I think we’re back!

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