Clowns – Crowbar, Sydney

Clowns are back on the scene touting their newly released single Does it Matter? after fuck knows how long (yes, that is a unit of measure) chucking out their insane double show at Crowbar Sydney, supported by the very capable C.O.F.F.I.N.

See the full photo gallery at AMNplify, here.


Its early on a Friday night, and C.O.F.F.I.N or AKA Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway, step up to the stage duties. These 4 lads who are proudly living on Gadigal land, take on the warm up duties for the night.

A bit of a subdued audience tonight, just waiting for something to happen. Then C.O.F.F.I.N happened. Thumping drums with vocals, very energetic bass and a couple of thrashing guitars was like catnip for the crowd to come closer and feel the passion and noise that emanated from their every pore.

Cranking rock, thrashing theatrics on stage and sheer enthusiasm was enough to get heads bobbing then bouncing along to the blistering hard rock onslaught.

The short set finished up with an absolutely brutal version of White Dog, that had the room well and truly warmed up, jammed against the barriers at the front of the stage, heads thumping in time with the inconvenient truths being told.

Experience the onslaught of rock for yourself here.


A little anticipation, a lot of beers from the bar, and a surge in the crowd brought Clowns to the stage for an early show tonight. A five piece from Melbourne with smashing drums, thumping bass, and two screaming guitars supporting a hyperactive front man that can’t stay away from the crowd – what could possibly go wrong?

From the start of their set, the dial was tuned straight to HECTIC. That is three stops past 11. Full on thrash punk rock is the only standard that they play to, and tonight they played straight to it and stayed there.

Lots of action on the stage and plenty of screaming forays into the mosh – which started immediately. Front man Stevie Williams wasn’t shy when getting amongst the crowd, diving across the barriers and into the mosh for almost half the set. And did he have the attention of the punters? As soon as he mentioned forming a circle of death – magically a circle of death appears on the floor, punters lapping it up.

By the end of the set there were more than a couple of the band members exhausted on the stage – but after a quick breather were ready for action – especially since they had another later show to deliver the same night.

A clowns show is always a bit of an experience, try and re-live it with their recent releases here, but get yourself along to a cranking live gig to immerse yourself in the sweat, noise and mayhem.

And what about the Brown Note? – I think hibernation is over – all bets are off.

Be afraid.

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  1. Cracking review Rob look forward to getting my head smashed to pieces at the next Clowns show ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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