Julia Why?, Lisa Caruso & Le Pie – Waywards

Tonight sees a triple headliner of Julia Why?, Lisa Caruso and Le Pie come together for a night of A-list dream soundscape makers at Waywards, in the Bank Hotel, Newtown.

You can find the full photo gallery of the night, shot for AMNplify, here.

Le Pie

Le Pie got the night going with her freshly minted band line up. There were 5 of them tonight sporting drums, a new bass player with a fresh painted pink bass for the show, 2 guitars (one a newbie) and Le Pie on vocals and slinky red dress.

There was plenty of excitement on stage to be back in front of a live crowd and being able to croon out her 50’s inspired tunes. There was lots of heavy reverbed guitars and vocals creating a dreamy soundscape in the room, lulling the crowd into a hazy state of mind – until, in a way that she only knows how, it all transforms from clouds and floaty things to ramped up and edgy grunge that culminates in a dreamy mess of sonic distortion.

There was plenty of action on stage as the set cranked up. Shoes were off and there was more than a little dancing around the other band members. The set finished up with their single Secrets, followed by a sultry version of You don’t own me that morphed into a massive instrumental maelstrom of tangled distorted guitars to give our ears a nice workout.

Check out Le Pie’s grungy sultry tones here

Lisa Caruso

Lisa Caruso gets the middle spot of the triple headliner tonight. There are more new band members on the stage with a brand new bass player on his first foray out with the band tonight.

A strong, no nonsense start to the set, beginning with To Call You Mine and Shake Baby Shake from her recently released album In Feelings; just to remind the crowd what we have been missing over the last few months. Her signature dreamy soundscape and twangy guitars oozing through the crowd with the vocal power that can capture and hold the attention of the room.

There was a bit of a sad Christmas song – joined by Julia Why? – just because you can on a night like this; as well as a haunting rendition of Patience joined by Daniel Marando of the Maladies on vocals.

The set wound up with a raucous version of A Holiday that had Lisa’s power vocals in full flight with that angsty, gritty, searing edge; perfectly matching the surf induced scorching guitar solos that all came together in a mess of squealing sound and then just stopped……

Get yourself some In Feelings to experience for yourself here.

Julia Why?

Rounding out the night is Julia Why? with another refreshed line up (obviously the flavour of the night) with new band member Kat Harley (The Laurels) on heavy effects laden guitar; and Le Pie on drums.

The dreamscape continued into the night with a slow dirge into fuzz laden tunes. The live show adding a bit of sparkle and extra grit to the performance. Lots of lo-fi shoegaze winding through the set, showcasing new release My Grrrl as well as a very few well-chosen new songs for a complete sonic experience.

There was more noisy psych in these new offerings, feeling more like a progression through a fog of fuzz, with lots of wailing guitar and heavily distorted bass driving with steady as she goes drum beats for a hypnotic experience.

Check out their new release here to take a little trip into the Julia Why? world.

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