The Buoys – Lansdowne Hotel

Rolling off the back of a killer 2019 and the release of their EP ‘All This Talking Gets Us Nowhere‘; The Buoys are back on the scene with a couple of sold out shows at the Lansdowne. Tonight they were supported by the super seductive sounds of Baby Beef. See the full photo gallery on AMNplify, here.

Baby Beef

With some downright sexy cool moves and a stage set up for glitz, this smooth, smooth vocal trio made up of Baby Beef, Mumma Beef and Christian Values, croon out a bucket load of swaying dance tunes with a message. What that message is, well, that depends on your state of mind (and intoxication) at the time.

With tongues firmly in cheek, Baby Beef pop out some wicked, slow and deliberate dance moves like a tai chi theatre extravaganza. The lush grooves being crooned out into the room dials up the atmospheric steamy, sexy, tunes beyond Barry White blush level…….Goodness!

Experience the full service Baby Beef seduction for yourself here.

The Buoys

Time for a quick stage adjustment and The Buoys hit the stage to change the nights’ pace up to hyperdrive. With a line-up featuring bass, drums, guitars and vocals; these four women crank the punk rock, pop meter to 11.

There was an obvious air of excitement on stage to be back playing live after the last few COVID months, which was clearly transformed into the energy that the band put into every song.

From the bright and bouncy pop punk numbers like Inside Outside, through the frenetic pounding of Blues Point Road to the almost dirgy sounds of Arm Wrestle; The Buoys pulled out all the stops through the set. There was even a flurry of new numbers to pass the live audience test – and they did!

The show was a seated gig (yeah…COVID), and with thumping drum and bass, screaming guitar riffs and totally infectious tunes, the room was filled with plenty of people taking chair dancing to the extremes; especially when a couple of high energy songs like Wah and Linda closed the set with an explosion of pop punk chaos.

Check out their work here or on Spotify, but book yourself in early for the next live show, which will go off.

So where was that Brown Note? ……………Maybe hiding in that sticky Lansdowne carpet.

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