Sampson Returns – Lazybones Lounge

Tentatively emerging from a COVID19 winter, its time to kick start the live music machine again. Tonight its off to Lazybones to bask in live sounds (all with adequate distancing of course) and see the return of local Sydney band Sampson, who have enticed us out for a sold out show with a tasty pizza. Tonight they are supported by old mates Renwick and Tayla.


Tayla unassumingly makes her way up onto the stage for a gentle start to the night. Tonight its her with a guitar and a keyboard and a bit of accompaniment help on moody guitar and percussion.

She quickly launched into some sweet electro melodies that seemed to waft around the room transfixing the crowd. The set moved through some catchy pop tunes with a little scattered banter in between songs. There was even a cover of Betty Davis Eyes that warmed up the room.

Vocals were heartfelt, the tunes ethereal and in no time at all, the set was done, leaving a bit of a fuzzy warm feeling between the ears.

Check out her latest Spotify releases here to feel the love.


Renwick is a solo artist, having a dabble at a swag of instruments in his own right, but tonight for his live set we get the whole shebang band. Renwick on vocals and keyboard, supported by guitar, bass, drums and yes, another keyboard.

A little bit cheeky, there is no shrinking violet here, the live set burbling through a bunch of smooth groovy tunes strung together with a bunch of chatty banter. There was a bit of funky snap that snuck in and out through the warbling tunes, just daring the crowd to sit still in their chairs.

Take a little walk in the Renwick shoes and sample his wares here.


Finally it was Sampson’s turn to grace the mirror clad Lazybones stage. A five piece line-up with a couple of guitars, bass/keys and drums. Raring to get back to playing live after releasing their debut EP, “When I Went to Space” last year, there seemed to be a little excitement on stage and in the crowd.

It didn’t take long to get the crowd moving in their seats to the spaced out synthy tunes. There were so many infectious melodies in the set, it put the COVID crisis to shame. Full of dreamy, psych tinged tunes, the sound lulled you into a trance until that sneaky bit of crunchy guitar just pops in and out to set you back on your toes.

No mucking about through the set, with one catchy tune following another; with only a small break to have a bit of a gush about how gosh darn happy they were to be back on a live stage. And hallelujah to that.

Pick out your favourite Sampson tune on their Spotify page here.

And was that Brown Note back from its little pandemic hiatus? Not yet………..Not yet.

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