Tunnel Vision – Lazybones

It’s a Tuesday night and what better to do than get along to a cracking show at Lazybones in Marrickville. Tonight, playing to a sold out room, is the analogue meets digital duo which is Tunnel Vision, supported by Bangkok Dangerous and Mango Machine.

Mango Machine

Starting the night right, was the eclectic Mango Machine. Playing tonight as a four piece sporting bass, funky jazz guitar, trumpet, a bit of piano, the occasional word here and there and as a special treat tonight, some added drums.

The set transported us from the cool jazz sounds of a speakeasy to downright funky grooves with a generous scattering of classic covers from Miles Davis to Santana; just to name drop a couple. A few original tracks were also thrown in for good measure, loaded full of funky grooves…of course.

Drums, bass and guitar worked together to keep the funky rhythms. The bass pumped out a rollercoaster of notes and guitar transitioned from clean jazz to dirty funk in the blink of an eye; laying down a bed for some mad trumpet to lead a stomp through the tunes. The crowd also got into the act with plenty of inventive chair dancing, restricted to their seats……..of course.

Check out their recent release ‘Copa’ here.

Bangkok Dangerous

A bit of a change of pace creeps in as Bangkok Dangerous hits the stage. Another 4 piece, with a straight up line-up of drums, bass, guitars and vocals.

The sound coming out of this lo-fi outfit almost burbles along; with a bag full of soulful sounds that go from introspective happy/sad navel gazing, to sparkly, bouncy, pop tunes picking up some almost familiar Manchester inspired bass and guitar riffs. The deliberate and sometimes half spoken vocals were delivered to make a point, sometimes verging on a low and slow rap, almost coming out as a sigh to punctuate the feels of the suburban inspired tunes.

The band closed out the set with their recently released single ‘Marge Bouvier’. Have a listen to it here.

Tunnel Vision

Another gear shift to change the pace up for Tunnel Vision to top off the night. The set-up is Joel on a drum kit with a few digital extras and Mitch playing guitar with a carpetload of effects and a couple of amps.

From the start, the set cranks the dial up to 11, pumping out a swag of bangers that blend a bit of hard electronic dance beats into some hard, dirty, grungy guitar driven tunes with some dark undertones, dropping in and out of pop and crunchy beats. There were even a couple of covers in amongst the originals, spicing it up for the crowd.

Experience the crashing blends of Tunnel Vision’s dance and dirty rock for yourself and have a listen to their latest release ‘Low’, here.

Where was that Brown Note? – keepings its physical distance!………..of course.

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