Stiff Little Fingers – Metro Theatre

The 70’s punk scene returns to the Metro Theatre in Sydney for a night of Belfast’s finest troublemakers Stiff Little Fingers. They are celebrating their 40th (or 41st) anniversary of their debut album Inflammable Material; and helping them along are Sydney’s classic punks Rocks and Rust.


Rust kicked off the night with a massively loud BANG, giving us a fat serve of oi punk. This angry 5 piece from Sydney cranked through a set of short, sharp, high octane numbers.


With a wall of attack guitar sound bedded down by a meaty drum and bass, the early punters were in for an energy packed treat. Fronting it all was vocalist Gazz, bouncing across the stage like an energiser rabbit, strutting around like a demon possessed.

Check them out here & see if you can sit still.


A lightning changeover and Rocks were on the stage. Forming in the late 70’s these 3 guys still pump out the high energy punk rock like it was feeding their veins.


With amps cranked to full bore, the sheer force of their set was enough to pin your ears to your head. And there was an insistence in the set, with one tear away number after another.

Again the onslaught of short, sharp, songs got the crowd bouncing, keeping the energy of the night peaking in the growing crowd.

Sample a bit here.

Stiff Little Fingers

Born out of the troubles in northern Ireland in the 70’s, The Stiff Little Fingers have been holding up their rigid digits to the establishment for over 40 years. This foursome are up there with the likes of the Clash, Buzzcocks and the Damned and are still pumping out the classic punk rock.


Starting the set with their classic Roots Radicals Rockers and Reggae, they immediately had the dance floor jam packed and bouncing. And they didn’t stop for the rest of the night.

Half way through the set they kicked into their rawest of punk roots and played their debut album Inflammable Material from start to finish. On the floor in front of the stage, arms were thrusting and bodies bounced in a middle age workout for the night.


Get some of their classic punk goodness here, or find their extensive catalogue on spotify.


And the Brown Note….sooooooo much Brown Note!

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