SKOLARS – Marrickville Bowlo

Tonight at the Marrickville Bowlo, we got into our way back machine and headed for the Sydney indie pop scene of the late 80’s to see the SKOLARS making a welcome re-appearance to the music scene supported by their good friends Even As We Speak.

See some more photos at AMNplify.

Even As We Speak

Dabbling with some new recordings and even a little bit of globe-trotting touring recently, Even As We Speak were in fine form to get us all into a bubbly, happy space on a humid, drizzly Sydney night.


Forever the Queens and Kings of jangly guitar, this 5 piece consistently pump out some timeless indie pop that gets the toes tapping and smiles beaming. Tonight, they were pulling out tunes from across their back catalogue; as well as firing up some newer numbers, to delight the crowd. All through the room, there was a fair bit of jigging and swaying to all their classics like One Step Forward and Falling Down the Stairs.

Check out their (older and new) recordings here.



Tonight gave us one of those rare appearances of the SKOLARS. This shows’ line-up sees them as a 5 piece with guitar, keyboard, bass, drum and vocals. And it looked like their appearance brought out some long-time fans, as well as maybe the next generation?


Still wearing a little bit of their early Ska roots, weaved into their indie, melodic pop tunes; there were plenty of infectious little hooks in the set to get people bouncing around on the dance floor like it was 1986. And just to throw a spanner in the timeline and delight the crowd, they got the sprung floor of the Bowlo bouncing, by wrapping up their set with a cracking cover of ABBA’s SOS.

Peek into the time machine and sample a tune here.


No Brown Notes tonight – there was much too much happy and smiley pop.

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