Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Factory Theatre

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats have kicked off their globetrotting tour in AUS to spread their mind bending, stoner, psych to the masses. I was lucky enough to spend a Sunday night altering my mind with them at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre, supported by Child.


Melbourne’s Child is made up of 3 guys with a lot of hair. Bass, drums and guitar drives this trio, pumping out their version of super heavy, slow dive, bluesy stoner rock.


Picture Led Zeppelin in slow motion, add a whole lotta bottom end, a drummer on a mission to pound the bejesus out of his kit, and bluesy guitar riff that wants to leap into your brain and just hang…..for a bit. That’s a Child show.

Each song in the set was an epic that drove you over the hills and through the dales searching for that long lost highway to heaven or hell. Loud as fuck, this stoner, heavy rock penetrated into your deepest thoughts and laughed at them.

Experience a tame version of them here. But go live for an experience in the wild.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

We got plenty of warning before Uncle Acid hit the stage. A full 3 minutes of walk on music and some emerging projections manifesting into the cover art of their latest release, Wasteland. As the five, black clad and very hairy blokes (a theme!!) took to the stage, guitars, bass and drums exploded into the chunky and eerie I See Through You, setting the scene for a night of stoner / doom / psych metal.


The stage was dark, smoke filled and lit basically by projections of cult scenes and psychedelic visuals onto a huge screen at the back of the stage. Amps were turned up to “assault” – maybe even 12; to feel that fully immersive mind bending experience – bowels and all.

There was definitely an out of the crypt, 70’s feel about the whole show. From the heavy, chunky, bottom ended rhythm section groove, to the determined and sometimes blistering bluesy/metal guitar riffs, there was more than just a polite nod to bands like Black Sabbath.

An Uncle Acid gig is best experienced with a fried brain. Check out a taster of the mayhem here, but really best taken live to get that whole of body experience.


And tonight’s Brown Note goes to…….everyone.

All photos by @RobMezzPhoto.

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