Traces – Factory Floor

Traces are currently touring their new single along the east coast of Australia. Supporting them tonight on the Factory Floor are SETMEONFIRE, Father Deer Hands and Spectre.

Shot for AMNplify. Full photo gallery here.


Four lads from the South Coast of NSW make up Spectre. All in black, sporting the latest in face masks, these guys are angry and want to make some noise.


A heavy drum and bass with heavy, heavy metal, thrash guitar sets the scene for the shouty cookie monster vocals spouting a bit of vitriol. There is a bit of bouncing around the stage, a bit of body slamming and a whole lot of energy – locked, loaded and launched.

Punish your ears with a sample here.

Father Deer Hands

Next on the lineup is Father Deer Hands. Another angry foursome, local suburban boys from southern Sydney, with drums, bass, guitar and screaming vocals.


Offering a heavy set of power, pop, punk (any more p’s?); they added a little more colour and movement on stage. There was a vocalist with ants in his pants, just trying to wriggle out of his skin while yelling at the world, a guitarist that wasn’t scared of a little technical riffle up and down the neck of his guitar; and bass and drums that pounded temples into submission.

We even had some off stage antics with a few crowd incursions by both guitar and vocals, terrorising the crowd – handing over instruments for someone else to finish up with. All up, a little general mayhem to finish off the set.

Be abused by their latest release here.


Then the night took a turn for outer space. Sydney/Newcastle band SETMEONFIRE appeared in a whirl of ethereal, spacey, electronic sounds.


Nothing about this band was standard. Five blokes from the (not too distant) future, decked out in body armour, pointy guitars, some wicked keyboards and an attitude; blasted out their industrial, electro, space-metal to the crowd.


No guitar hero riffs here, but there was plenty of chunky, chunky metal power chords. Sci-fi and horror vocals swayed from all out metal, to nu-metal with a bit of rap and a good ole dance around the stage.


Check out the spacey sounds here.


Armidale trio Traces are on a mission. Two guitars and a mass of drum are backed up by a ton of tech, just burbling away through each song.


At first glance, this looks like an act that has been practising all their lives for a big stage, big festival, or a big power bill. Songs are written as big sing along anthems, with an undercurrent of classic rock wrapped in a metal pie.


A little too much oversharing and banter in between anthemic tunes slowed the set down a little; but the parkour enthusiasm of an Eveready bunny of a masked bass player, ramped the show back up.


Check out the big rock of their new single here.

The Brown Note was well and truly floating into space tonight on a bed of apocalyptic metal shards (or sharts).

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