Tropical Fu*k Storm – Metro Theatre

Fresh from a never ending touring circuit, Tropical Fuck Storm return home with a new album, Braindrops, in tow. Tonight they are joined at the Metro Theatre by Pinch Points and ALL the Weathers.

Full photo gallery of the night is at AMNplify.

ALL the Weathers

This bouncy three piece from Hobart feature bass, drums and guitar with a low-fi sound, but have lashings of untapped energy and excitement.


Lots of quirky songs with a bit of thrashing guitar, crashing drums and bass, and vocals that can only be described as a sing song shouty match.

Vocals were a communal effort and there was plenty of instrument swapsies, with everyone getting a bit of a go at bass and guitar. Plenty of banter and action on stage, with the band obviously having tons of fun. There was laughing, there was shouting, there was even running and jumping.


Definitely an act to catch live. Have a listen to their latest release “…For the Worms” here.

Pinch Points

Pinch Points are a Melbourne foursome with guitars, bass and drums. Unmistakable in matching T-Shirt outfits, they are a happy crew that pump out their own brand of “smile punk”.

2PinchPoint-2The band like playing short, sharp, bouncy, and poppy, punk tunes; with story telling vocals shared around so no-one gets bored. There are quirky guitar riffs, and infectious rhythms that just dare you to stand still if you can….spoiler….you cant.

Check out their recent album “Moving Parts”, here.

Tropical Fuck Storm

The anticipation built in the Metro like…well, like an impending Tropical Fuck Storm. The crowd was well and truly slammed to the barriers by the time the band casually sauntered on stage.


It was almost as if someone flicked a power switch and the show started to come to life, but in slow motion. As the show progressed, it began to grow increasingly frenetic. Like a car that needed a bit of a warm up, it took a couple of songs before the true chaos of a TFS show started making an appearance. Gareth Liddiard started to wind into that characteristic pent up animal stance, punishing his screaming guitar, and spitting vocals. Erica Dunn and Fiona Kitschin joining in with a lot more vocal duties for the newer tunes and their classic snarling cover of the Divynals “Back to the Wall”.

The set list alternated between older releases and their new release, culminating in a screaming crescendo of tortured guitar effects and bent electronic tones. Guitars flew high into the air, crashing back down on stage, adding to the chaos of the phasing effects. It had well and truly turned into a Tropical Fuck Storm.

Check out their new album Braindrops here, but go see them live.

For a night of punk and chaos, where was that Brown Note? Probably tied up and traumatised at the back of the stage.

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