William Crighton – The Vanguard

William Crighton gets together with his Family Band at the Vanguard off the back of some pretty intense touring over the last 12 months. Joining him on this show was Amy Montgomery, Ahlia Williams and Paddy McHugh.

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Paddy McHugh

Paddy McHugh is the strong silent type that demands attention on stage. Coming from Brisbane to open the show, tonight its him, his voice and a Telecaster.


Like a true troubadour, he has a story for every song. Mostly about hard times, hard life and hard friends. Each tune has a distinctive folky, country flavour and distinctively Australian voice that would be comfortable in any country pub; but delivered with that bit of punk passion and edge that sits equally well in a big city.


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Ahlia Williams

Straight out of Newcastle, Ahlia Williams struts defiantly onto the stage. Performing as a two piece; Ahlia gives us some powerful vocals and guitar; and Reuben Alexander provides the drum track.


The set is full of raw passion, energy and a spit in the eye to tradition and society. Each song has a stripped down sound to put the powerful vocals front and centre.


There is a fair bit of anger in there with a defiant delivery, almost challenging you to a face off.

Her sound and the performance has more than just a passing hint of garage punk reminiscent of 1980’s New York, or even a bit of locally grown Amyl and the Sniffers. Top this all off with even more attitude on stage and a touch of shadow boxing used as a prop to emphasise songs about sexual abuse, inequality and patriarchal society; and you have the powerful and impressive performance that makes up an Ahlia Williams show.

Sample her recent releases here.

Amy Montgomery

Coming out of Northern Ireland, this powerhouse three piece stepped up the pace for the night. With drums, guitar and keys all building the base for Amy’s powerhouse vocals.


There was a fair bit of instrument swapping through the set, everyone getting a go on guitar for a twang, but those vocals, delivered like her soul was about to jump out of her throat, were dominated by Amy. The set was scattered with soul tunes, a bit of attitude and punk; and plenty of trippy, dancy, funk.

There was plenty of action on stage as well. The pint sized, wild woman from the north, entranced and mesmerised the audience as if under a spell; her look enhanced with fierce warpaint, which by the end of the set was smeared over her face.

Check out that sound here.

William Crighton

Tonight William Crighton brings a stage full of band to the Vanguard. Aptly named his family band, it includes his wife Julieanne on percussion and backing vocals, brother Luke on bass, long-time drummer Reuben Alexander and special guest William Barton, on didgeridoo.


With a beard to rival Ned Kelly, William stands as an imposing figure on the crowded Vanguard stage. Like a folk, gospel preacher he hits out through rhyme and stomping tunes. Always up for a quick chat between songs, he brings the crowd along for the ride, oozing rough and rugged charisma.

To call this a country gig, is not doing it any justice. Each good ole rock n roll number was fringed with edgy punk concepts, with subliminal messages of religion and the plight of humanity; all delivered with a dark, brooding, menace.


See what the fuss is all about here.

Brown Note? Not in this foot stompin night.

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