Wagons – Lansdowne Hotel

Touring new album “Songs From the Aftermath”, Wagons roll on up the Hume from Melbourne to inflict a bit of a rollicking good time on the Lansdowne crowd. Tonight they are supported by a rare appearance of Eagle and the Wolf and Lisa Caruso.

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Lisa Caruso

Kicking off the night, the quietly spoken but all attention demanding Lisa Caruso steps in to start proceedings. A small wait for Henry Wagons to officially start the show and introduce the band with his MC hat on, and then straight into the haunting sounds of Lisa and her band.


With reverb soaked guitars guiding our journey into groove filled songs of rolling powerful passion, early punters were in for a treat. Ever the musical seductress, Lisa Caruso does not fail to please. The band, working together like a well oiled machine, transported the room into a dreamy soundscape that oozed the cool of a sixties soundtrack.


A short set, but it showcased the bands range, from sophisticated speakeasy siren songs, through to angst ridden songs of personal life battles, like her most recent release Shake Baby Shake; and finishing up with a timeless but dangerous sounding A Holiday. Sample it here.

Eagle and the Wolf

Eagle and the Wolf are Sarah Humphreys & Kristen Lee Morris and tonight they grace us with a special showing, to serenade us with their particular brand of swampy, country, blues from the deepest of the deepest, deep south.


Two guitars, pickin and a lickin for some good ole rockin, country style. There was some slow folky tunes, songs of angst and heartache, songs of power and commitment; and some songs of just sheer whoopin it up. Vocal harmonies just melded, like a finely twisted wire, showing that they have both been doing this for a long time.

Some bands have speedy and efficient guitar changes, but tonight we saw an effectively executed poncho change, just to sass things up. Make sure you catch them live when you get a chance, but a very heavily pregnant Sarah Humphries makes me think that there may be a bit of a wait. Have a listen to their releases here while you wait.


The crowd swelled as the 5 Wagons rolled onto the Lansdowne stage. Three guitars, bass and drums ready to inflict a bit of outlaw, swamp rock with plenty of country twang.


With a cheeky quip at their excitement that people still give a fuck to see them, they launched into their set and quickly moved into a scattering of songs from their new release, peppered with some older tunes. Henry Wagons, obviously in his element, fills the set with song and stories to entertain. There is always a journey, always a memory and always a bit of a dig at drummer, Si the Philanthropist.

By the middle of the set the band had the audience lapping up all the stage mayhem; and swinging into outrageous performance mode, Henry got more and more animated, climbing on drum kits, rolling around the stage and generally goofing it up. Like a spinning gimble, he built momentum all the way to the end of the set, fed by the dancing and singing crowd.

See them when they roll into your town and check out their new offering here.

And as far as the Brown Note went – I think it wound up in the Wagons stables.

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