FUZZED!! 2 – The Factory Floor

Another night of fuzz from the Mad Fer It crew with FUZZED!! 2 at the Factory Floor. This episode is a mash up featuring Bone Graft, Holy Forrest and Wollongong’s Psychic Sun.

Bone Graft

First up tonight was local Sydney 5 piece Bone Graft. Oddly named and conjuring up all sorts of macabre and painful images. They were made up of guitars, bass, drum, keys and a teeny weeny tambourine.


But macabre they were not, with quirky, groovy, fuzz garage sounds that came straight out of a time machine on the stage of a 60’s go go bar.


Vocals were full of gravel and a little hiccupy squeal every now and then. Amps had more reverb than the Albert Hall. All setting off the set which was littered with twangy surf, gritty sand and groovy hip swingin tunes.


Check out their latest here.

Holy Forrest

Next up it was time to turn to shoegaze, dreamscapes and loopy effects with Holy Forrest. A Sydney 5 piece that have been building on the scene for a couple of years and obviously collecting effects pedals.


There were lots of guitars…….strumming, discordant and lilting. Bass and drums were like a backing track just keeping it all moving forward while the soundscape formed like storm front topping out with some floaty, dreamy vocals.


There was no banter, no fills. Just a wall of sonic waves building into a crescendo, forming a whirlwind of writhing bodies on stage. Guitars and ears were tortured until something had to start bleeding; only to all subside into an almost post coital puddle of tailed out fuzz.


Take a trip with the band here.

Psychic Sun

So….…. Metallica and Queens of the Stoneage shacked up in the back of a hot rod, and out of a hot exhaust popped Psychic Sun.


These 4 lads from the Gong smash out the fuzzy grunge like a well fitting black t-shirt. Drums, bass and guitars thump, bump and squeal their way through a power packed set, blasting any obstacles and ear wax out of the park.

There is a bit of stoner rock, with that slow, deliberate, bassy bottom end that reaches into your guts and gives em a good shake. Recommended to clean out the system.


Check out their latest release “Backfire” here.

And for that Brown Note – there was that visceral bottom end which felt like it meant business………….But.


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