Bad // Dreems – Marickville Bowlo

Bad // Dreems attack the Marrickville Bowlo on their sold out Double Dreaming tour. In the trenches with them tonight are local Sydney bands Sunscreen and Neighbours.

See the nights photo gallery on the AMNplify site here.


These guys are a local Sydney four piece that just want to have fun. There is a traditional lineup of bass drums and guitar on offer with a bouncing singer up front.


No cheesy theme tunes here, with the sound riddled with infectious beats and rythms that just dare you to stand still. There are lots of ethereal, spacey, reverb driven noises backed up with a choppy drumbeat. Songs sway from frenetic, quirky pop punk numbers through to almost new wave, dark post punk, in a heartbeat.

If that’s all too confusing then listen here to work it out.


Another four piece local Sydney band, Sunscreen have been around for a few years now. A little change in pace for the night they said, almost acting like a little breather before the chaos of the rest of the night.


With 2 guitars as well as bass and drums, their indie pop sound is full of jangly, quirky guitars. Top it off with a dreamy vocal and I have just described a cliché.


But that’s not entirely it with these guys. Listen and watch for more than a minute and you get the sense that there is something else lurking in their show that’s almost like a clockwork spring; slowly being wound up, getting ready to pop when you least expect it. Before you realise it you’ve been sucked in, you’re entranced, and all of a sudden, things get a little edgy and noisy. Then it all stops, and leaves you wanting a little more……

Check out their new release “High Over Love“.

Bad // Dreems

A quick stage gear change and lights were cut, amping up the packed crowd, getting razzed up with non-stop Ramones tunes for at least 30 minutes (that’s about 100 songs isn’t it?), before any signs of the band coming on stage. So when they did, it was like lighting the blue touch paper – and the rocket went off.


This bunch of 5 blokes from Adelaide were pumped and by the amount of alcohol being set up on stage, they were on a mission. From the first moment they set foot on the stage, amps were cranked and blasting full, thrash, rock into the crowd. And this was full thrash, home grown, oz pub rock – rough around the edges and ready for a scrap. No nonsense, no frills, just raw energy in their aural assault.


The mosh was seething, speaker stacks were being pushed around like chess pieces; and beer and sweat coated the crowd. It didn’t take long for a steady stream of crowd surfers to take the shortcut over the top of the crowd back to the bar.


As well as pushing out their new offerings of Double Dreaming, they floated through a bunch of older songs, like Dumb Ideas and Gutful, that went off; then finishing up the set with a chaotic Mob Rule. But that wasn’t enough for the crowd, coaxing them back on for an absolutely insane version of My Pal, complete with frenzied stage invasions.

Check them out here, but catch the live show to smell the experience.

One look at the exhausted and haggard crowd by the end of the night showed all the signs of a Brown Note onslaught – just through sheer volume.

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