Underground Lovers – The Lansdowne

Its that time again. The Undies have a new album due out later this year, so they have hit the road up to Sydney to test it out on us. Joining them at the packed Lansdowne tonight is Alannah Russack and Matthew J Tow.

Alannah Russack

Serenading us with her sweet tones, Alannah Russack gave us a great show, warming the cockles of our guitar strings. Tonight was a solo show, giving us a selection of her wide ranging talents on ukulele and then stepping it up a notch on guitar. Listen to her latest offerings here.

Underground Lovers

After a short (but impatient) wait from the crowd, the Underground Lovers hit the stage and launched into that swirling, looping, dreamy sound that we were all waiting to hear. There was plenty of bobbing and swaying all through the crowd, as they ran through a tantalising taste of their new work as well as throwing in a solid smattering of older and not so old tunes.

The band finished their set of shimmering waves of sound with the ever present Las Vegas, topped off by Vince in true form reaching for that appearing / disappearing cigarette, but not to be had tonight.

As the band trundled off stage, the final, sonic, ringing notes were replaced with a chorus of encore shouts; which, after a bit of a breather for the band (which seemed like aaaages), was finally met with an epic version of I was right.

It just topped off the night, with not a Brown Note in sight.


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