Cosmic Psychos – Crowbar Sydney

The Cosmic Psychos grace the stage at the re-birthed Bald Faced Stag, now the Crowbar, supported by Arse and Lucy and Rats. The room is still built to handle the rockest of rock with its massive black painted band room with a PA that packs enough punch to drive a truck through the ear canals. There is even has a small stage in the corner of the front bar for those less boisterous and slightly quieter acts.

Lucy and the Rats

Lucy and the Rats are Lucy Spazzy’s London based 4 piece playing jangly garage guitar pop with a leather edge, currently on an Australian leg of a world domination tour. With traditional 70’s pop punk style, 3 London punk veterans bring the guitars and drums, fronted by Lucy on bass and vocals.  There are strains of the Buzzcocks and Hard Ons drifting through their tunes, all mixed in with the sweet lead vocals and backed up by the Rats. Sample them here.


Arse are a young 3 piece angry boy punk rock band with a political message and enough volume to blow a hole through your colon. Drums bass and guitar are reminiscent of the incessant attack of early feedtime mixed up with a bit of raw Warsaw punk; the show is energy packed with all the on-stage grimaces, flying kicks and slamming that you need for a night of righteous short song punk rock.

These guys are tight, check out their Primitive Species release here.

Cosmic Psychos

No surprises here, as soon as they rolled onto the stage the fuzz bass master rips through the venue like a dose of salts with buzz saw that we know and love as the Cosmic Psychos.


The swampy January Sydney weather immediately starts to rack up the temperature in the venue until punters are dripping sweat like a tap. The band didn’t seem to mind as they just got on tools and cranked out the tunes. There was even a special treat tonight, with a guest appearance by tattooed Jacko to help out on See Ya Round.


Only a mini mosh at the very end of the night tonight – the heat seemingly sapping the will of the crowd to slam through the rest of the set; but finishing with a bang – no whimpering allowed.


The Brown Note was definitely brewing tonight in the primordial ooze from the heat, massive bottom end bass and cranked up amps; but it was too dark to notice.

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