Thunder Fox – Oxford Art Factory

Thunder Fox are six local Sydney boys that describe themselves as an “eclectic explosion of psychedelic funk-rock goodness that provides a barrage of shredding guitar solos, titillating vocalisation, tight horn lines and stank bass ‘n drum groove”. And they are taking live music venues by storm.

They launched their new release “Squeedup” (listen here) at the Oxford Art Factory on a hot and sweaty summer night, so I went to see what the noise was all about and more importantly – are there Brown Notes involved.


Once these boys got into their groove, the funk-o-meter shot straight up to 11. Playing up to the front of the crowd of mainly adoring young women, grooving away, forming not so much a mosh pit but a seething sweaty bump and grind, funk pit.

The tunes were a little eclectic, moving around a jazz funk fusion with shades of Jamiroquai and early Red Hot Chili Peppers, complete with a little slapping bass, but loaded with trumpet and sax. There was a bit of variation in the music, with some of the tunes moving to an almost tribal middle eastern influence, including their own versions of a medley of 80s disco inspired classics.


There was a bit of a frenzied ramp up to the end of the night, with almost a grimier, nastier edge; turning the funk pit into a mini mosh. They finally finished up with a cracking version of Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song – something that is seldom seen these days! Check out where they are playing next here.


And where was that Brown Note – the combination of inferno temperatures on the dance floor and all those funky grooving surely had results; but all that was really left was a sticky floor.

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