Stompin Riffraffs – Vic on the Park

Japanese wild rockabilly rebels, Stompin Riffraffs roll into Marrickville at the Vic on the Park for a packed free show, with Los Tones and Bone Graft. Yeeeoow.

Bone Graft

This Sydney 5 piece cranked up the reverb and pumped out the surf sounds tonight, joining the race back to the 60s and 70s garage. They set the scene with lots of lo-fi jangly surf guitar which was just fuzzy enough to weave a wave around their steady and almost hypnotic beating rhythms.

Vocals coming from the echo chamber completed the long haired head bobbing picture, with even a bit of harmonica to spice up the set. Sample their wares for yourself here.

Los Tones

A more subdued crowd than usual tonight for Los Tones, with a big age spread turning up for the show. So not so much the usual swirling mosh out front, but a hell of a lot of dancing all the way through the venue.

VicOnthePark_0936 (2)

The growly sixties fuzzy sounds were still there, the band pumping through the set with an effortless edge that comes from lots of gigging. There were a few on and off stage antics to liven up the show, racing into the crowd and then climbing up an amp stack – always enhances a guitar riff & keeps the crowd focused.

Have a listen to their latest release ‘What Happened’ here.

Stomping Riffraffs

The Stompin Riffraffs hit the stage for their first Sydney show with 50s flair, groovy threads and masks (of course). This fearsome foursome launch straight into their brand of crazy rockabilly rock and roll madness. Guitar, bass, honky tonk keys and drums pumped out 12 bar rock and roll, but fuzzy and with lots of screams, channeling a manic Jerry Lee Lewis. And just to spice it up, chuck in a theremin wielded like a weapon. See more of their antics here.

While there was no mosh, there was a crush in front of the stage with lots of jiggling, plenty of arm waving and an appropriate amount of hair whirling through the crowd.

Plenty of action on the stage as well, with collapsing keyboard stands – what do you do – just keep playing for the rest of the set on your knees! The drum kit also took a bit of punishment, with a wandering floor tom dancing around the stage with all the frenzy. There was even a couple of guest dancers to shake their thangs and fight for space on the already packed stage.

The show ended up in a crazed frenzy both on stage and in the crowd. Just chaos and stompin fun.

The Brown Note – was just lost in all the chaos.

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