Phantastic Ferniture – The Lansdowne

A packed Xmas Xtravaganza tonight with Imperial Broads, Boydos, Bin Juice and Phantastic Ferniture.

Imperial broads

Opening up the night tonight was another catchy 60’s garage pop infused set from Imperial Broads who don’t disappoint. Unassuming on stage, they expertly bang out some great toe tappers.

As usual, the amazing harmonies riding over the top of that little bit dirty guitar, steal the show, giving that little hint of Voice of the Beehive.


In an unassuming tribute to working mums, the heavily pregnant lead guitarist, rocked out the set, even though she was due to give birth in 3 weeks, making the punters in the front of the stage just that little bit nervous. I was definitely hoping that there were no Brown Notes there; but it certainly would be kinda cool to be born at a gig.

Phantastic Ferniture

When a collection of solo artists come together in their spare time to have a bit of fun, Phantastic Ferniture is what results. Obviously they are corny pun driven, but their sounds are certainly not corny. They make the sort of sounds that are not out of place listened to in a comfy lounge chair, but when pumped out live on stage to a crowded dance floor they take on an electric life of their own, daring you to stand still – just not possible.

Cheeky bass lines and lilting guitars all form the backdrop for the wide ranging sultry vocals of Julia Jacklin that seem to come out effortlessly to drive the songs along their journey and all the way back home.

Lots of green and red notes in the Christmas décor tonight, but no brown to be found.

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