Crow – Union Hotel

Time for the Crow Christmas bonanza at the Union. We got three sets over the night, spanning the last 25 years of releases for these Sydney icons.


The crowd was a motley crew of inner west locals and lots of muso’s coming out of the woodwork, all part of the extended Crow appreciation family.

The songs seemed to come easily from the band, with a familiarity of the tunes and the crowd they were appeasing; swinging through the highs and lows of the past years. No era was missed, roving through country, folky tunes with that edge that could only be Crow; through to those angst driven sonic attacks that grip the insides with a passion.


Lit with a green ghoulish glow, it was the perfect setting for the Brown Note. Maybe inspired by the lighting, a determined Jim Woff searched desperately for that Brown Note, frantically driving and de-tuning his bass lower and lower until the gastric juices started to bubble and the PA started making farty noises. I didn’t check for stains.

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