Lobsterman – The Gasoline Pony

A cruisy Sunday afternoon of acts today from Blunt Fanzine presents at a crowded Gasoline Pony in Marrickville. I was able to catch Lobsterman this evening playing in his original trio with Missy Owley Girl on stand up bass plucking away with understated rhythm and Chris Baz on jazz infused drums.


The set list was true to the original lineup from early Lobsterman days and ran through a series of laid back stories of misadventure and daily life set to music. As usual there was a proliferation of D minor chords scattered throughout the songs, what Lobster has described as the saddest chord, just to keep the enthusiasm on stage levelled.

All in all, it was very Sunday evening friendly, like an extended family picnic.

Were there any Brown Notes? – there was much restraint.

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