Feedtime & The Double – Lansdowne Hotel

An early gig tonight at the Lansdowne with legendary noise merchants Feedtime, supported by also legendary mesmerisers The Double.

The Double

A drum kit and guitar. The Dirty Three’s Jim White and Emmett Kelly (Ty Segal) are The Double.


How long can you jam on an E-chord with a freight train rock drum beat? Tonight the answer is 42…..minutes that is.

The solid beat was accompanied by a droning guitar, both keeping a trance like rhythm front and centre. The sound was mesmerising with small variations in the beat and notes played creating an impression of a mess of complexity hiding just under the covers.

The persistent hypnotic rhythms carried the crowd on a floaty sonic ride to zen. This was made all the more surreal tonight by the large contingent of young zombies,  monsters and ghouls wandering around the room, waiting for a Halloween party.

Then, all of a sudden, it just stopped.


No pomp. No ceremony. Feedtime walked up on stage and started pumping out their signature driving rhythm of heavily overdriven guitar and chunky, (oh so) chunky grounding bass.


They smashed through their set like a relentless single piston engine complete with signature growling vocals and bursts of distorted slides on guitar and bass. The air was full of sound, bass thumping chests and guitar attacking eardrums – in a good way.

New album Gas was the showpiece tonight, and it showed that they haven’t lost any of that raw power that started it all 30 years ago. When you’re on a good thing – grow the shit out of it.

The brown note was close tonight, my friends. It was lurking, awoken by The Double and then given a double shot of espresso by Feedtime. Lucky it was an early gig, or I would have had a brown Halloween costume.

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