The Peep Tempel – The Bald Faced Stag

Tonight is a Melbourne fest with The Peep Tempel supported by Batpiss.


This three piece from Melbourne are noisy dirty punk rock personified with a capital

R O C K.


Straight up they blasted raw power which drew the crowd to the front of the venue like deer in headlights. Their angry tunes attacked the crowd with dirgy, noisy overdriven punk numbers and shouty vocals which came from both bass and guitar.

Song after song  was spat out.  Their angry guitar heavy tunes came one after another with no nonsense, no banter, just noisy, driving drums and bass overlain with a no nonsense distorted guitar playing with every aspect of discordant notes and riffs. Plenty of punk attitude from these guys as they ripped through their tightly executed set. And didn’t the punters love it!

The Peep Tempel

Another 3 piece from Melbourne that hit the stage like it was home. With their own sound that hints of the likes of Wire, Queens of the Stone Age and then just their own original brand of story songs that tell us of  life’s personal frustrations and sociopolitical statements.


With a guitar style all of his own, perfectly matching the candor of the stories he sings about, Blake Scott rips up the stage using every bit of the guitar, pushing it to all its sonic limitations, tuning and detuning strings through songs to emphasize the sometimes demented driving tunes which drove the packed crowd wild, slamming, moshing and heaving like a sweaty hairy beast.

With a solid metronomic drum and beefy bass line driving along songs at a sometimes breakneck pace, Blake toys with the guitar, sometimes strumming, sometimes plucking, but always enhancing the feeling of the songs like a second vocal. At one stage he plays through a song while changing a guitar string, weaving it all together to somehow just make sense, not fussed, just doing it.

If there was a competition for feedback tonight, The Peep Tempel won all the prizes. It was skillfully used, not just as a wall of noise, but to emphasize a point.

What about that brown note – there were moments when it was just about ready to pounce, bit it just didn’t sustain itself.

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