Painters and Dockers – Factory Theatre

Die yuppie die!!  On the 30th anniversary of the release of the song that brought down the stock market, the Dockers once again adorn our fair city and that infamous song was still received with all the enthusiasm and bile from the day it came out.

Tonight they are supported by Imperial Broads at the ever getting hipper Factory Theatre in Marrickville.

Imperial Broads


This young 4 piece from Marrickville slid straight out of the garage onto the stage. They give us 60s inspired garage pop with a heavy dose of surf guitar coming from the heavily pregnant lead guitarist – a new generation of rock in gestation.

Songs had a little garage edge with catchy tunes, solid engine room of bass, drum and rhythm guitar and 3 competent vocalists either taking it in turns or whacking out some amazing harmonies together.

Too sweet for brown, these guys were all sea foam green.

Painters and Dockers

From the moment Paul Stewart strutted on stage in leather jacket, peaked military cap and Elvis sunnies demanding attention and razzing up the crowd, it was on. Everything you would expect from a Dockers gig was there….noise, brass, profanity, spitting, dancing, mass stage invasions, stagediving and a scattering of nudity.


The band was banging out one favourite after another, with the crowd belting it out whether they were older original fans from back in the day, or the more than healthy scattering of younger fans in the crowd (maybe rediscovering their parents vinyl?)

The band were all looking a little greyer around the gills, but the same passion that got them banned from most venues they played at was still there. The band sported a couple of new young recruits on rhythm guitar and bass, but I suspect may have been Docker offspring, carrying on the family tradition.

Where was that brown note – hiding in Paul Stewarts pants which all too quickly came off.

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