Julia Why? – Waywards

Early gig tonight at Waywards with Julia Why? sporting their new cassette (yes…cassette) Candy.

Hello Low Fi, meet Pop. And Ruckus you can join the party too.

Julia why? chucks out the low fi fuzzy tunes are played proficiently and with an attitude that makes you sit up and look. The strong vocals lead us gently around the garden path and then turn manically and dangle us over the fifth floor window ledge… just because.

A sometimes frenzied drum and bass lay the foundation for some melodic low fi guitar riffs;  trilling, and then driving through a journey. They were never rushed, always patient, leading us through every note.

The result was a driving, sometimes discordant, sometimes sonic, mixed bag of songs that could sometimes be confused with an older band phasing in and out of the 80s and 90s in a good way.


Brown note – no. Brown suede, yes.

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