Even As We Speak – The Red Rattler

Tonight the Red Rattler hosted new album launch for Even As We Speak, supported by Golden Fang and Alannah Russack in a night of quirky jangly pop.

I only managed to catch Even As We Speak tonight, who weaved their way through back catalogues as well as introducing new tunes from new EP The Black Forest – well worth a listen.


A mixed crowd tonight, in a family atmosphere represented by a couple of generations of fans coming together to celebrate the launch. There were many jangly quirky tunes, lots of smoke, great riffs, sweet and gruff vocals and of course, dancing from an enthusiastic crowd. They even whipped out a couple of covers with the help of Alannah Russack, including their wonderful version of Bizarre Love Triangle.

The sound tonight was quality, with just enough oomph to get into your head but not enough to make the kids run around holding their heads. And finishing up at a sensible grown up time so we could all get home in time for bed.

Any brown notes, nah, all way too sweet.

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