Rufino and the Coconuts

Rufino and the Coconuts – Leadbelly

Tonight, Leadbelly’s format is a mix of table and free space, ready for the Caribbean cabaret onslaught.

Rufino and the Coconuts

The ever vivacious Catalan, Rufino and his team of sonic and curvaceous coconuts wow the crowd with the showmanship of their kitsch cool show tunes straight out of a Caribbean adventure tale.


The night was transported to a Gilligans island talent show including jungle drums, disco tunes and even the best use of a kazoo that I have ever seen. Standard setup of drums, guitar, keyboard and bass was enhanced by triangle, melodica, lots of percussion, a rain stick; and some sweet, sweet backing vocals from the sultry coconuts.

Where was that brown note? It may have been in the leopard onesie that Rufino rocked through the jungle drums; but that was more likely to be the brown acid.

Explore Rufino’s world at

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