A Fistfull of Rock – Enmore Theatre

A seething crowd filled the cavernous Enmore Theatre tonight.

It was made up of crusty old rockers, mums and dads reliving their heyday and a good smattering of what looked like their kids,  now old enough to rock,  drink and vote.

Tonight they were here to get their fist full of rock with You Am I and the infamous Hoodoo Gurus.

You am I

Strutting out onto the spacious stage, You Am I were in their element. Hamming it up for the crowd, Tim Rogers and Davey Lane were full of wild gesticulations,  windmill power chords, and frequent guitar changes.


They played tight and loud, the crowd jumping on the sprung wooden floors along to old favourites like Cathy’s Clown and Berlin Chair.  They even snuck in a Cheap Trick cover and dabbled with a bit of Deep Purple that was immediately lapped up by the eager crowd. They were all there for their own fist full of rock; and tonight their fists were being filled and pumped

Hoodoo Gurus

After a lighting fast stage setup, the Hoodoo Gurus came on to the strains of the Good the Bad and the Ugly. Prompting me to look around and match music to the faces.

The Gurus were no nonsense, launching straight into their rock filled set which was made up of an eclectic scatter of tunes across their musical catalogue filling their fist of rock through the Hoodoo Guru age.

The big crowd pleasers were some of their catchier later numbers like Miss Free Love, as well as some well travelled oldies creaking out of from their first couple of albums. They powered through a sometimes wobbly set, but coming home strong with a killer encore, ending the show with the crowd belting out the lyrics to Wipeout. Dazed and confused the punters left the building feeling satisfied with both full fists still clutching at the rock that hung in the air like a bunch of backstage groupies.


Was it a brown fist of rock? There certainly was a full fist; and I’m sure that for some it was a little more intrusive than just brown.

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