The Maladies – The Union Hotel

The Maladies are a local Sydney five piece that are known for belting out a whirling cacophony of sound that gives you the feeling that you’re being told to wait in the corner of a locked, round room of an asylum in a straitjacket.

Tonight is no different, with the chugging bluesy rhythm section of drum and bass forming a solid platform for the manic, tortured, sonic twin guitar onslaught taking you on a journey from subtle underground tones all the way to measures of dosed out white noise burrowing into your brain.


Front man Daniel Marando croons, shouts then finally screams his stories of  love, lust and pain while tripping round the small Union Hotel stage with all the theatre of a Greek tragedy. A showman from beginning to end.

Tonight, with all the action and modulation in frequencies from sweet love to brash hate, the brown note didn’t even get a chance.

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