Hideous Sun Demon – The Lansdowne

Bursting back on the Sydney live music scene is the legendary Lansdowne. With a brand spanking new band room upstairs. The generous stage is fully equipped with a decent Gretch house drum kit and Fender amps, providing a great plug in and play experience for bands. No lugging gear and tweaking sound – but what will the roadies do?? The stage is backed up by a stonking front of house PA with plenty of grunt to assault the senses.

The room is well laid out with a bar and tables to the side of the main stage area and plenty of room for jumping around or if you are too cool for that, just standing and appreciatively giving the subtle head nod to the beats. There is even a chill out area behind the mixing desk where you can retreat to if it all gets too much up front.

Tonight’s line up has 3 fuzz laden, surf garage psych punk bands sweating their stuff at us, daring the small crowd to break into a psychotic fit.

Nick Nuisance and the Delinquents

This four piece from inner west Sydney exploded on to the stage with no nonsense slacker rock, growling guitars and distorted growling vocals to match. Regular as a metronome drumming was overlain by the solid wall of a sound rhythm section. Lead guitar squealy noises and reverb laden surf riffs carried the songs through melting into the growled vocals.


Was the brown note stirring? Maybe tonight, it was just growling along with the delinquents.


Crocodylus are a three piece from Sydney’s northern beaches that pack a power punch of fuzzy, jangly, garage rock. These guys deliver straight up catchy tunes with lots of noise, a little bit of fright and lots of growl. The carefree bouncy energy from these guys was infectious and got the crowd jumping about with only a bit of abandon. One for the fuzz fans.


Where was the brown note – hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce.

Hideous Sun Demon

A four piece from Freemantle, these guys want to get weird with you. They are noisy, they are fuzzy, but there is something lurking in there, a beast that wants to get out, held back by guitar strings, but slowly busting through. Tonight’s songs rolled through dark expectant numbers with evil discordant guitars leading you down a garden path, all the way through to raw power beating out at you assaulting every sense you know and a few you were too scared to ask about. All in all a ripper of a show.


I think that the brown note was doing the rounds at this gig – on and off stage.

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