Pulled Apart by Horses – Scala (London)

Scala is an old theatre re-purposed into a cracking live music venue. Big old stage with polished floorboards and a monster PA.

Pulled Apart by Horses

Grunge is not dead. Don’t let anyone tell you so. I looked around at the packed crowd and I could almost taste the testosterone. Pulled Apart by Horses came swaggering out onto the stage and from the first distorted power chord the mosh pit erupted…and I was in pole position. Every part of my body was jostled, slammed and driven around an ever increasing circle of death. The band had hair, lots of hair. The kind of hair that gets swung around and flicks sweat on the unsuspecting.

There was noise, there was shouty lyrics, there was tremendous distorted guitars. The set culminating in band members stage diving into the audience and continuing to play held up by the mosh, finishing the last song in squeals of feedback and then ripping all the strings off guitars……no encore I guess.

I think that there were more brown notes in the mosh than coming from the stage, although the bass and the drummer were working hard to get to brown.


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