Wedding – Shacklewell Arms (London)

The Shacklewell Arms is a well hidden small pub in the back streets of Hackney. The band room is like a small cave at the back of the pub through a set of unassuming double doors. A cosy little room where if 50 people gathered, they would need to be good friends.


Opening the night was Lylo. A 5 piece from Glasgow that pumped out some grooves layed over by a psychotic saxophone. Obvious musical influences from 80’s bands like ABC, the lead singer stomped around, with fancy footwork that would impress Rowland Gift.

The closest that these guys got to the brown note was some farty space noises from the keyboard/synth.


Headliners tonight were Wedding from Manchester and other far flung places. This young four piece were full of jangly guitars and melodic voices. Early in their career and branding themselves as “low fi”, there was a formula to their music that combined sweetness with a bit of grit.

Brown note was nowhere to be seen.

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