Glitoris – The Tote

Glitoris are back and ready to paint you a rainbow. I was lucky enough to experience the Glitz bomb at The Tote supported by Melbourne’s soulful and depraved Dane Blacklock & The Preachers Daughter.

Dane Blacklock & The Preachers Daughter

Dane Blacklock and the Preachers Daughter are a crowd looking for a performance. Seven writhing bodies on stage singing sweet but evil soul, playing sax, guitar, drums, wicked vocals, a hidden keyboard and a wild satanic jester wielding a gong.

There was a bucket loud of soulful tunes pretending to be gospel but preaching to a satanic choir; a little bit of black mass anointing and spanking; and a whole lot of get down good time grooving.

Not sure which pigeon hole to slot this set into, but it was a hell of a good time.

Have a little sample of their mayhem here, but really, you need to get along to the live show for the full in your face, slap your butt experience.


After what seemed like an eon of absence, Glitoris (bitches), Keven 007, Andrew, Malcolm and Mickey are back and in your face for an explosion of punk, pop, grind and bump.

There was a fistful of new tunes, a bunch of old faves and a hell of a lot of glitzy swagger to rile up the crowd into a frenzy.

Check out what they have been up to here, but hang out for their new album.

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